Sunday, October 08, 2006


Just some random things I thought I'd share.....

-All the 3rd-5th graders in all the VW elementaries participated in the 1 mile fun run on Friday. Jacob finished 15th out of 123 3rd graders! I had no idea his short, little, bow-legs could go that fast. He definitely doesn't take after me in the running department!

-I signed up for an on-line photography class. It a class specifically for my camera, so I should learn a lot about the settings and mechanics of my camera. I'm excited to learn...but feeling VERY overwhelmed right now with the amount of information! I'll be sharing photos for my assignments here each check back!

-Fall is here!!! The leaves are changing colors, our fall decorations are up, we've been eating M&Ms/candy corn/peanuts mixture, I have fall scented candles burning, the kids have picked out Halloween costumes, we bought pumpkins, the nights are cooler. I have a bunch of fall photos to share...but I think I'll wait until tomorrow. Stay tuned!!

-I found out this week that Brenda, Jill, Luke, Carsyn, and Payton are coming to Ohio for Thanksgiving! I can't wait to see everyone, eat yummy Thanksgiving food, take photos, and go shopping with them!

-Brenda and I are taking an on-line scrapbooking class together. This week we got our first assignment. I actually sat down and scrapbooked this afternoon...UNINTERRUPTED! It was wonderful. I'll post photos of my layouts later. I love how they turned out!

-We had family night on Friday and ate at Buffalo Wild Wings.....our favorite place to eat. YUMMMMMMMY!!

-I unexpectedly got paid for a recent photo session (I had told them NOT to pay me...but they didn't listen). Now I have enough money to buy a new lens I've been wanting. It should be here this week! Can't wait to play with it.

-My sister-in-law, Becca, has jumped on the blogging band wagon. You can visit her blog here.

-With the help of my sisters and cousins, I'm making a memory book for Grandma D's 90th birthday with 90 memories we have of Grandma. I can't wait to read all their memories and put it all together (I need your "memories" no later than this Friday so I have some time to put it together before her party. THANKS!!)

-It's Sunday night...and that's means pizza with the neighbors....which means I don't have to cook. What could be better than that??

HAVE A GOOD WEEK! And check back often this week....I have lots of photos to share!


Brenda said...

I'm going to bring the girls' christmas outfits with me at thanksgiving so you can take christmas photos of them!!! it is turning into fall here...yesterday it was NOT 100 degrees!

Amy said...

Oh fun - and remember that Payton, Carsyn and Jenna have matching outfits from Children's place from Mom...bring those too!

Aunt CC said...

Amy , You are such a busy, talented young lady!!!!!! I`m amazed at how you fit everything in and do such a terrific job with it all!!

Aunt CC