Thursday, October 05, 2006

You just gotta love small town news

One of my favorite things about living in a smaller town is the articles that actually appear in the newspaper. I think sometimes they really stretch to find something to fill the pages (and don't even get me started on their lack of proofreading abilities!). This article appeared on VW's on-line newspaper today (which I generally prefer over the actual newspaper). Be sure to read the ENTIRE article...all the way to the end...and see if you laugh out loud like I did.


Whether it was envy or revenge, a couple of local Buckeyes fans lost some OSU yard items to thieves over the weekend. Van Wert optometrist Dr. Mark Bidlack -- a dyed-in-the-(scarlet and gray) wool Buckeyes fan -- and his neighbor, Judy Davis, both reported thefts of OSU-themed items from their yards. The thefts took place sometime Sunday night or early Monday morning. Dr. Bidlack reported the theft of an Ohio State flag and OSU landscape stone from his residence at 648 Monroe St. Davis, who lives at 642 Monroe, also reported the theft of an OSU flag, as well as a football-shaped wooden OSU sign and a Buckeyes wind sock banner. Police are investigating the incident, but no one wearing maize and blue was reportedly seen in the area.

Becca and Lori - do you know where YOUR husbands were on Sunday night/Monday morning?? HA HA HA


Jessica said...

Ah, yes, smalltown newspapers. Good times. Huron just started the Huron Hometown News, complete with the "Catch of the Day", so you can read all about your neighbors and their run-ins with the law. And it must be hereditary, because I read it and cringe at the lack of proofreading, too!

Jill said...

Hey, you should see the lead stories on our area news sometimes... and it's Waco news, much bigger than Van Wert or Huron. Last week the opening story (not soldiers who died or are deploying, no that's not important enough for the opening) was some people using sewage as fertilizer. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Makes the Stow Sentry look good! MOM

Brenda said...

Jill, don't forgot about the people who gave their son a bath every night and then siphoned the water using pumps into the front yard because we were in a drought and they weren't allowed to water their lawns. Yes that was on the news. We watch cartoons instead. If it's really important, somebody'll tell me!