Tuesday, October 17, 2006

CrAzY BuSy!!!

That's how I feel this week...I'm CRAZY BUSY!! I have some fun pictures of the kids playing in the leaves I've really been wanting to put on here, but unfortunately that task didn't make my to do list for this week (You'll just have to wait until next week when things calm down). Here's a peek at my to do list of things I need to accomplish before Friday:
  • finish Grandma's memory scrapbook for her birthday party on Sunday
  • hem my new pants so I can wear them to Grandma's party ( I really wish I was average height so I didn't have to mess with it!)
  • make Jenna's Halloween costume so she can wear it to sing at the nursing home (with daycare) on Monday...have to finish it by Friday since we'll be gone all weekend
  • upload and submit my photos for my second photography lesson by Wednesday
  • oh yeah...and finish taking the photos for my second photography lesson sometime in the next 24 hours (I have totally put them off because the weather has been so yucky!)
  • photo "shoot" for my friend's 6 month old tomorrow if the weather cooperates
  • finish laundry, so I can pack for Jacob, Jenna and I for the weekend...Chris is on his own
  • get my hair cut and colored (appointment for Thursday)
  • take Jacob to Mustard Seeds (Wed) and piano lessons (Thurs) and Jenna to dance (Thurs)
  • find time to get Jacob's haircut before Friday
  • call the eye dr to see if my contacts have come in yet (it's been a month since I ordered them - crazy!)...and if not, beg for some samples so I don't have to wear my glasses this weekend
  • do lesson plans for next week (I have a sub Monday morning for a training I have to attend, so my plans HAVE to be done before I leave on Friday)

I think that's the big, important stuff. There are still the little things like eating, breathing, and teaching. Start praying for a fog delay!!


RAC 1 said...

Need any help on Thursday? I'm available.

Nancy G. said...

Say yes to RAC! And, I feel your pain and only have 1/2 of that to do, but, oh, I remember those days too well. I read the rough draft of the memories and it's going to be a fantastic gift! Thank you sooo much for all that work and your creativity. See you Sun. (and I'm wearing glasses.)

~Lori said...

aaaaaaaaaah!!! You're really stressing me out just reading about this....mind you, I'm putting off my own list of "to-do"'s, so that instead I can catch up on everyone's blogging. Oh well! I feel I work better under pressure anyway, hopefully you do too!!