Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cuyahoga River

Last weekend, while we were visiting Dad and Mom, we went to two different parks along the Cuyahoga River that have recently been restructured. Although it was cool, the sun was shining and the leaves had turned - so it was really pretty out. I wanted to go somewhere different to practice photos for my class, so everyone came along.

The first 3 photos are from Kent and the last 3 photos are from Munroe Falls. Brenda and Jill - they took out the dam that made the water fall at Munroe Falls (Hmmm...I guess it isn't technically Munroe FALLS anymore, is it??) and it looks really different. The big rocks we are standing and sitting on were part of the dam.


Anonymous said...

What a good picture of you and Grandma D! That's a keeper :)
I want to share a Rylee story. Last night Rylee came into the kitchen, while Tom and I were both working on dinner. She wanted to move between us to get something, so in her most polite little girl voice, she said, "Excuse me, old people". We all laughed at that one! Aunt Barb

Nancy said...

Nice pix. I like the people ones, and the train station esp. I hope you get to be star of the week again!

Anonymous said...

Good pictures. We came by there a few hours ago and it was cold, raining, and gray. We really got a great day last weekend. MOM

Brenda said...

Isn't anyone wondering how the kids got on that rock in the middle of the water without getting cold and wet???

Jill said...

Ok Brenda, that is scary! I was just going to ask the SAME thing! Don't tell me you made your kids walk through freezing cold water just for a good photo op! :) They look great though. I can't believe there's no more waterfall. Did you submit any of those?

Amy said...

Okay...don't go calling Children's services on me. I know I do a lot of strange things to capture the perfect photo...but I'm NOT that extreme!! They were totally safe and in no danger. To the right of the photo...right at the the shore. Jacob stepped right onto the rock and Dad lifted Jenna up there. The water was only about 2 inches deep between the shore and the rock.

We will definitely need to go check it out at Thanksgiving. You won't believe what it looks like now. (who knows...maybe it will be nice enough to take some photos...or I could take photos of SNOW on the river!)

And no, I didn't end up submitting any of those. I need to post my photos from my last two lessons. Maybe tomorrow!

Aunt CC said...

Amy, everytime I see your grandma I think of Aunt Betty. I wonder if Jim and R.Ann feel the same.
Aunt CC