Sunday, November 05, 2006

More random fun....

Thanks too all my faithful blog readers who took the challenge of listing 5 little known facts about them on their blog. It was lots of fun to read everyone's list!!!

And now for some more totally random blog fun. I found this link on another blog. You can go to this website and found out how many people have your name. I don't know how accurate it is, but it's pretty interesting!

It turns out that there are 20 Amy Covey's in the US.

I also searched for Chris (46), Jacob (7) and Jenna(1 - she's one of a kind!) just for fun. Try it!!


Jill said...

According to that site, my family doesn't exist. It says there are 0 people in the US with the last name Minatrea.

Amy said...

Hmmmm...are you legal????

Anonymous said...

There are 147 Barbara Lehman people in the U.S. Apparently, Barbara is the 15th most popular 1st name - 1,469,846 and 99.9 of them are women ...duh!I have known only a few Barbara people myself, so maybe most of the them live on the west coast and prefer to be called Barbie. Thanks for the web site, Amy.

Brenda said...

Cool site. Wanna hear my results?
Brenda is the 67th most popular name. There are 355 of me.
There are 3276 Brenda Davis'.
I looked up dad: 6th most popular first name and 6th most popular last name...weird! there are 17, 696 of him!

Nancy said...

Be a Covey to be unique. Davis - 1,439,849. Nancy Davis - 4,816, but a paltry 652 N. Gordons. And to think that all of those are at least middle aged. When was the last time you heard of a young girl (0 - 40!) named Nancy?

Aunt CC said...

Well, I`m certain my brother would agree that there is only one of me!! I was surprised to find so many Coveys. Probably most live in Utah!!