Sunday, November 05, 2006

Week 4 assignment

These wouldn't fit in the previous post. Here are my photos for week 4. Our lesson was about using different lenses and different flash options. I had to take a photo using a different lens (wide angle - the pond photo) and a different flash option (speedlight - photo of Jenna). I'm still anxiously waiting for my critique on these!


Nancy said...

Wow!! A+++++++!! I saw the pond pix and thought,"That's really pretty." Then I saw Jenna in the leaves. Beautiful!!(The subject and the picture.) You should definitely be the valedictorian.

cheryl said...

these are GORGEOUS!!! you are getting SO GOOD!!! :)
miss ya!

Brenda said...

any way you can make me two copies of your tree/lake photo? i love it...reminds me of ohio. a lady i work with is from kentucky and we were discussing missing fall a few weeks ago...she would love it!
i seriously think you could sell some of these prints! i still love love love the piano!

Aunt CC said...

Jenna should be a child model!! I couldn`t print a copy though?????

Tami said...

Amy- these are awesome pictures!!