Monday, November 13, 2006

Our NEW school

After months and months of watching the construction, the new Van Wert Middle School/High School is almost ready to open! Yesterday was the dedication ceremony and open house. Chris and I had the opportunity to tour the school several times during construction, but it was so exciting to see it all finished! The dedication ceremony had an awesome crowd and even more people came to tour the building. I took my camera, but it was really hard to capture good photos. First of all, it was so crowded and secondly, the pictures just aren't the same as seeing the school in person. Below are just a few photos to give you a sneak peek.

Top to bottom:
1. The HS gym floor - the gym is HUGE! We spend a lot of our time there from November to March
2. Jacob, Jenna and some of the other basketball coaches kids sitting in our seats in the gym
3. Mr. Covey at his room door
4. The kids in Chris' room
5. Chris' journalism work room


RAC 1 said...

What a great day! I'm so glad we were able to attend. Miss Poe was a real crowd pleaser. I think the students were very impressed with her attending and speaking as well as her age. I hope I'm still able to put two words together at 104.

RAC 1 said...

I'm also very proud of the teachers in our family (and students) who will be involved with the new school. What great examples they are for the generation to come.

Brenda said...

A new school is sooooo awesome! Do you have markerboards? I feel so much healthier teaching in a new school than an old chalk, no dust, no nothing. Congratulations!!!

Nancy said...

Was the school built with state funds? That's how Mansfield got a new h.s. It's beautiful, I guess. Never went thru' it. The kids are still the same, tho. Your new school lools so clean and white. Of course, I'm used to elem. where every available space is covered. I like the pix of Mr.C. He looks very professional!

Amy said...

Unfortunately it's not MY new's Chris' new school. But we still get to enjoy it a little bit. Yes -he has marker boards and lots of other fun things in his room. The school was incredibly clean...I just hope it stays that way for a while. And yes - it was built with state funds - we paid half/they paid half.