Sunday, November 05, 2006

Photo class update

My photo class is officially over. I feel like I have had my camera glued to my face for the past 4 weeks! I learned so much - not only about the different functions of my camera, but also about photography, equipment, and shooting in manual mode (which has been my goal since getting this camera in April). My class only had 5 people to start with, but by week 4 I was the only one left in the class. I'm not sure what happened, but I'm really proud of myself for sticking it out. Unfortunately, the instructor did not pick a "photo of the week" after week 1 since there were so few of us left (BUT...I'm pretty sure I got "photo of the week" for week #4 since I was the only one left!). Anyhow...I realized that I never shared photos after week 1, so here are my photos for week 2 and 3 (blogger won't let me put all of them in one post, so I'll have to share week 4 photos in a seperate post). I got very good comments from the instructor on all these photos, particularly week 3 (he said I "nailed the assignment").

Week 2 - metering for light - We had to take a photo in natural light and one in artificial light using the "white balance" setting to adjust for the kind of light we were shooting in in order to get accurate colors in our photos. We also had to skew the settings for one photo (my's supposed to be pale pink).

Week 3 - depth of field and action shots - We had to take one photo demonstrating depth of field (focus on one subject with the background blurred) and use the settings on our camera to "freeze" action.


Brenda said...

oh my gosh...i love love love the piano photo. awesome. the rose is pretty cool too!

Jessica said...

Wow! These are awesome pictures, Amy. I'm amazed and impressed!

Nancy said...

I like the rose, but Jenna must have had fun for the jump!

Aunt CC said...

Beautiful pictures!!!! My dad would have been so impressed!!