Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Random Thoughts.....

1. I have strep throat! I went to the dr. yesterday hoping he would tell me otherwise...but I have strep. He gave me a shot (I hate shots...and this one really stung) and a prescription. I fell much better today, other than the fact that it still hurts to swallow. At least my fever is gone and I have some energy back. I hate being sick!!

2. Our kitchen tiling project is almost finished. The "tile man" (as we like to call him) ran out of tile and is finishing up tomorrow. I love how it looks! I'll post a picture next week when it's done. We've been wanting to have this done since we moved in.

3. The "carpet guys" are in our family room right now installing our new carpet. YAHOO! They're still working, but so far it looks great (and smells good).

4. I'm headed to my parents tonite with Jacob and Jenna. We'll be there through Saturday. I'm looking forward to the visit....not looking forward to the drive! Chris isn't coming until tomorrow afternoon because of basketball practice.

5. In less than 24 hours we get to see Brenda, Jill, Carsyn, Luke, and Payton. Can't wait!! I'm planning on shopping with my sisters (and introducing Brenda to Archivers!!), taking lots of photos, and being Aunt Amy for 3 1/2 days. It doesn't get much better than that!!

6. Both my Grandmas and several other family members are coming to my parents, too. Can't wait to visit with them...and eat some of their yummy foods for Thanksgiving!

7. Thanksgiving - can't wait for my throat to feel better so I can eat and eat and eat! I haven't eaten anything other than soup and applesauce since Saturday night. I'm ready for home cooked Thanksgiving food!! Brenda and I also have plans to eat at Swenson's. Yumm-o!! (as Rachel Ray would say)

8. I had two different photo sessions last weekend - my friend's new baby on Friday night and then Ryan, Becca, and Brinkley on Sunday afternoon. I was excited to be taking pictures of someone other than my own kids and really happy with how they turned out. I'll post some photos next week.

9. I dug out the Christmas CDs to listen to on our trip to Stow today. I figure that will help keep my energy up! Now I just have to decide which favorite to listen to first!!

10. Can't wait to decorate for Christmas on Saturday and Sunday! I love decorating for Christmas!! I hate dragging everything up from the basement...but love decorating. I wonder if I could pay someone to bring it all up for me?!?!

HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Be sure to check in next week. I'm sure I'll have lots of photos to share of our visit!

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Nancy said...

I heard Christmas music on the radio Mon., so I figured it was time to bring out the cd's. I, too, have trouble deciding which to hear first. Of course, you have to go through all of them 1 time before you repeat.
Decorating - I don't mind bringing them out, or putting them up, But I would definitely pay someone to take them down and put them away!
Have a safe trip, and I hope you feel better (and that your kids or other fam. don't get it). See you Thur.!