Sunday, February 10, 2008

Brrrrr.....and some updates

Another freezing cold, wind chill advisory day (it's currently a balmy -13 degrees!). Seriously...I am really getting tired of the cold. Bring on summer!! Sorry for the lack of updates this's been quite a week with a lot of activity, appointments, and emotions. Here's just a quick recap:

Monday: 2 hour delay, school, doctor appointment with doctor #1, blood work, take Jenna to tumbling and then dance...only to find out it was cancelled due to some CRAZY fog!

Tuesday: school cancelled for fog, blood work results (one level was they put me on some meds and want to recheck it Monday...not what I wanted to hear), worried all day about my MRI, took some "mellow" meds to help me relax before my MRI, go to the MRI at 9:30PM...FREAK OUT, have the MRI tech and Chris try to reason with me and try to convince me to go back in that scary, teeny tiny tube with some crazy contraption holding my head down...but I just couldn't do it. Time for plan B

Wednesday: worked half day (the "mellow" meds kicked in and I just couldn't come out of my fog in the morning!), call the doctor and make an afternoon appointment to discuss "plan B", doctor #2 listens to my whole story and decides an open view MRI with stronger "mellow" meds are the best option - so the nurse schedules it for the following day. Then he kindly offers me the option of 2 injections into the back of my head to help with the headaches/dizziness. After slightly freaking out, I kindly decline the offer. Needles and my head just didn't sound like a good mix.

Thursday: Leave for my open view MRI at 7:30am, after taking my "very mellow" pill, spend 2 hours at the MRI office and finally succeed in having my MRI done. Not a fun experience - even with the mellow pill. I really hope that was a one time deal. The tech let Chris sit by me the whole time and hold my hand. Chris drops me off at Becca's so his parents can "watch" me for the rest of the day...which really only consisted of them watching me sleep. By the way, I now own 15 "films" of my brain and ear if anyone is interested in viewing them. :)

Friday: normal day at school, called doctor at noon and talked to the nurse - my MRI didn't show anything alarming (THANK GOODNESS!), basketball game

Saturday: Jacob's basketball game, lay around all day watching episodes of the Office since it was another dizzy day, go to "Ohio's Got Talent" at the PAC center with the kids and my neighbors - luckily the dizziness went away.

Sunday: church, more Office viewing, WalMart trip...and later pizza with the neighbors as long as today's dizziness doesn't get any worse

Tomorrow I have round 2 of my bloodwork to recheck the levels that were elevated. I'm really hoping the levels have gone down so I don't have to go through with any further testing. I know it's just blood work, but it still makes me nervous. I should know the results by Tuesday...trying not to be too anxious and nervous.

I've begun to write down my episodes of dizziness and headaches. WOW - I knew I didn't feel like myself most of the time, but had no idea how often it was really happening. I wish I would have started documenting when all this first started.

I know I promised photos...and they are coming. I just thought laundry, grocery shopping, and paying bills should come first.


~Lori said...

Ick. Sounds like the MRI is not a fun experience. I've had one, but it was on my knee, so I only had to go in the thingy up to the waist, thank goodness.
Glad nothing alarming was found. I'm sure the bloodwork will be fine too. Maybe you're just naturally dizzy? I'm sure you're not the only one in our family with that condition.... hehehe :)

aunt nancy said...

Thanks for all the info. Sudsy and I were debating whether to call you or your parents to get an update. Now we'll pray for you and wait for the next one.

Brenda said...

maybe you're dizzy from staring at the computer screen too much???? is a gorgeous, sunny 70 degrees here today

Anonymous said...

Just got home from our Life group and all are praying for quick answers and feeling better. Thanks for the update list--it is hard to remember all the facts on the phone. And Brenda, is your comment about 70 degrees supposed to "help" her? We just had 5 degrees on the way home. AND the snow was "crunching"!!! MOM

Anonymous said...

Urbana is currently at 1 degree... plus the negative wind chill factor. Brrr. I actually blew sideways and had to hold onto Tom to walk from the parking lot into the church this morning. I have been stalking your blog sight for an update and just decided to check once more before going to bed. Glad most of the tests are over :)We'll keep praying for you and your doctors. Take care! Aunt Barb