Thursday, February 14, 2008

The ones that didn't make the cut....

After yesterday's adorable Valentine's Day greeting, I thought I should give you a peek into my world....the world of a MWAC (mom with a camera). Although yesterday's photo greeting was pretty cute, it wasn't an easy task. Jenna is usually extra cooperative and more than willing to pose and smile for a photo. In fact, most of the time she wants to keep taking photos even after I want to quit. Sure, she makes the occasional silly face...but it's usually just so she can see herself on the display screen after I take the photo.

Then there is Jacob....10 year old, all boy, who has inherited his father's dislike of the camera. Usually I can bribe and/or guilt him into cooperating for a few photos ...but he quickly reaches his limit and is done.

PS I promised Jacob these wouldn't show up on my blog...but I just couldn't resist. Just don't let him know I shared them!!


Jill said...

Thanks for sharing... sometimes those are even better than the cooperating ones, because it shows their true personality! Hope you had a good day. We had sick baby and soccer for our valentine's day!

Anonymous said...

I love Jacob's last 2 shots :)
Aunt Barb