Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend update....

-Friday night Van Wert won their sectional tournament game against Celina. They play in BG on Wednesday against Toledo Libbey. I think Jenna and I may stay home. It's a tough call...but probably the right decision considering it's an 8:00pm game in BG. Plus, sometimes my "dizziness" occurs after driving longer distances. Hopefully I can talk someone into bringing me some garlic cheese bread from Myle's though.

-Yesterday was Jacob's last basketball game. He had a good season...but I think he's ready to move on to baseball season now.

-We finally made it to Ft Wayne yesterday and had a successful trip. We ordered new bedroom furniture for Jacob (thanks to our tax return), found a dress for the Peony pageant for Jenna (I couldn't find a photo of it online), I spent my gift card at Archivers, and Chris even managed to get a few new golf shirts. We ended our trip with dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings - YUMMY!

Jacob is getting this bed.....

but with this headboard (no footboard and no drawers).....

And this dresser and nightstand.
-Chris and I finished watching the last DVD of season 3 of The Office last night. Now what will we watch? We need to get caught up on season 4 on TV I guess.

-I had a good week health-wise last week, except for Friday. It was nice to actually feel good and get some things accomplished! My appointment with the ENT specialist is on Tuesday. I'm ready for it to be over and hopefully get some answers!

-REALLY getting tired of snow, cold, and 2 hour delays! We have had 13 2 hour delays so far this year and have missed 7 days of school. Craziness!

-I got 2 requests this week to take photos - a 2nd round of senior photos for a co-teachers daughter (she already had senior photos taken in the fall, but wants some fun photos taken now) and 1 year photos for a friend's nephew. Made me feel good. :)

-I got a sweet thinking of you letter in the mail from my Grandma L. yesterday. It made me smile when I opened the mail box and saw her handwriting on the envelope. I love email, text messaging, cell phones, and blogs...but there is nothing like getting real mail in your mail box from someone who cares about you.

-We made plans for Spring Break this week. We're going to spend 2 nights at Kalahari - an indoor water park/hotel in Sandusky - with our friends. I know it's just Sandusky...but I'm excited to go away and do nothing for 2 days!

-I'm off to scrapbook for a little while before eating pizza with our neighbors for dinner.

PS Lisa email is: Try sending your email again to that address. :)


Aunt Nancy said...

Is it tournament time already? I know we won't be there Wed. either, but i hope the team does well. I'm anxious to know how your ent visit goes. Please let us know when you're visiting Kalahari. I've never been there, and hear the lunches are fun for the kids. Are we getting the hot stone massage?

~Lori said...

Your trip to Sandusky sounds fun. Tell us more about Kalahari. I haven't heard of it.

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness! Kalahari is SOOOO fun! The best part is that it's like 85 degrees inside there and it feels great! You will have a blast. Just make sure to tell Jacob to tie up his swim trunks real tight if he goes on the surfboard wave thing. I saw a kid loose his drawers on there and all of his friends just stood by and laughed at him. It was rough!

Cheryl said...

i love that bed! i was just thinking of you the other day because my mom said that she couldn't find any cool shower curtains...i was like CALL AMY. (except she doesn't know you. haha!)
praying for you that things go well at the doctor. i've been thinking about you and praying for you everyday!
we need to catch sorry about the other night...i got sick and completely forgot to text you to tell you the next day. :(