Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Miss Jenna...

-finally has a loose tooth (actually 2)!!
-is starting to become a really good reader
-LOVES dance and can't wait for her recital...especially now that she has her costumes.
-just started tumbling at the Y and LOVES it, too!
-loves to draw and color...and is always making us pictures and cards
-knows every word to every Hannah Montana song
-wants to be a cheerleader and a dance teacher when she grows up
-can't wait to participate in the Peony Pageant as a flowergirl (Just for the record...she is not competing's for HS seniors. She was picked to be a "flower girl" by one of the contestants she knows...whose name also happens to be Jenna Nicole)
-is growing up WAY too fast!!



Lori said...

I love that we get to see the dog! He photographs really well! (Jenna does too.) :)

Brenda said...

kramer looks great in black and white! carsyn wants to be a dallas cowboy cheerleader when she grows up...maybe they can be roomies in dallas and do that while running a dance studio! carsyn started to learn her tap routine and got to see a picture of her costume...she's so excited!

Jill said...

Yeah for a Kramer appearance! He's too cute still. Luke was asking about his teeth and I said when he was older, he'd lose them and get new ones. He said then daddy should be losing all his because he's really old now! :)

nancy said...

Those are sweet. I'm glad you included Kramer, because he hasn't made the trip to the beach in the last couple of years, and I've been afraid to ask where he was. Phew!

Lisa said...

I wish the music didn't cut off while we comment! AMy, I emailed you at and it was returned. Can you send me your email address?

Cheryl said...

she is so gorgeous!!! i miss you guys. :(