Sunday, November 08, 2009


Taking a break from sharing photos to participate in a post Michelle tagged me to do.....Thanksgiving ABC's. This was the perfect thing to help me get re-focused and remember just exactly what is important in my life.

A - Ametewee - So thankful for having such an amazing friend named Cheryl Ametewee....there is truly no one like her.
B-Basement - Thankful our basement remodeling is complete and we have such a fun place to hang out as a family
C- Chris - Thankful for everything he does and is!
D-DVR - Yes...I am thankful for our DVR. It has allowed me to be more "present" and take time to watch my shows during down time instead.
E-extended family - Thankful that I am so close to both our extended families...and love that we still make an effort to get together many times a year.
F-Friends - I just wouldn't be who I am without my close friends.
G-Grandmas - So very thankful that both of my Grandmas are still in my life
H- health - Sure, we have our share of coughs and sniffles, but so thankful I have a healthy family!
I-In-laws - Thankful for the help they give, even with their incredibly busy schedules.
J-Jacob and Jenna - Thankful that God chose me to be their mom!
K-kids - Thankful not only for my own kids, but for the kids I get to work with every single day.
L-London - So thankful for this little boy....he means so much to our family and just makes me smile!!
M-Mom and Dad - Thankful that I was brought up in a loving, Christian home...and that they passed on their values to me.
N-neighbors - Love the neighborhood I live in...and Sunday night pizza with my neighbors.
O-Ohio - Thankful (usually!) that I live in a state that experiences all 4 seasons.
P-photography - So thankful that I am able to capture memories not only for our family but for other families as well.
Q-Quiet - Thankful for time to stop and reflect.
R-Red - my favorite just makes me happy. :)
S-Sisters - Miss them lots....but love the time we get to spend together.
T - texting - Love receiving texts from far away friends and family....makes me feel like we aren't quite so far away.
U-Unconditional love - Thankful I have people in my life who will always love me unconditionally!
V-Van Wert - Love that I live in smaller town where I feel safe
W-Water - Thankful I was able to spend time at the beach this summer...right on the water.
X-Xtra hours of sleep on the weekend....definitely thankful for that!!
Y-You - Thankful for everyone who takes time to stop by my blog during their busy days....even if they don't leave a comment. :)
Z-Zzzzz's - Love my sleep !

I tag Cheryl, Brenda, and Jill to complete these ABC's


Michelle said...

Fun to read! It does help you to focus on the important things, doesn't it? I like the way you put that! :0)

cheryl said...

awww so glad to see that lb and i made the list. love it!
and we love you too! :)

aunt nancy said...

I think I at least fall into the faithful blog reader and commenter category. Thank you for sharing all your photos and a little more insight into your life.