Wednesday, November 18, 2009

{Kemler Family}

The Kemlers added a new member to their family this summer, so Marla asked me to take some updated family photos along with photos of their new baby Zavier. I met them at their house so we could take their photos in their country setting. Of course we had to include the tractor in some too!

Taking photos of this family was almost too easy! We became friends pre-kids (in fact....I'm pretty sure it was Dave's lasagna that put me into labor with Jacob!) and have stayed in touch over the years . Zavier is too cute for words and a huge blessing to this family! They waited a long time for him to join their family and he is so loved by all of them !

My favorite from the session....
THANKS Kemlers for asking me to take family photos for you.

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Jill said...

love the cornhusk ground (if that's what it is...) and the little guys expression! and love that you can put a baby on the ground and not worry about fire ant bites...