Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick or Treat '09

This year Jacob and Jenna decided on "flashback" Halloween costumes. Jenna was a hippie - and Jacob decided that she did indeed make the perfect hippie. Jacob was a 70s disco dude - we found the polyester big collar shirt at Goodwill and decided it would make a perfect costume. We were on the search for some great pants, but just couldn't find what we were looking for. He still looked great though...and had his disco moves down!

If you look close you can see Jacob's chest hair. It was his idea and totally made the costume!

The Covey's and the Chiles annual trick or treat photo. This is our 11th year trick or treating together (I think) and we have a photo from every year. You can see last year's here....trick or treat 2007 here....and trick or treat 2006 here.

A few extras joined our group....Gage's friend and Deb's niece and nephew.....


cheryl said...

i love them even more now that i can see them bigger!
ESPECIALLY love the chest hair! lol!
wish lb could have been out rockin' with them. hopefully next year...:)

aunt nancy said...

Too funny. I thought as I looked at Jacob's that he needed to open his shirt more and have chest hair, and then I kept reading! They both look great, and I liked the look back in time.