Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shay and Riley

Shay and Riley definitely win the award for the most cooperative kids I have photographed. We had tried several times to get together and when we finally did, it was a cold, drizzly morning. After a little shivering and teeth chattering (no kidding!), they really got into the picture taking and forgot all about the weather! Riley was on the go the whole time...but with a little creativity, we were able to get him to sit still long enough to capture some great photos of him. His sister, Shay, was the PERFECT model. She was very into the whole photo session and helped me come up with some great ideas. I think she would have stayed with me all day taking photos if she could.

THANKS Tabitha for asking me to take photos of Shay and Riley. I hope you are able to quickly fill up all those Hobby Lobby frames!! :)

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Kathy Craft said...

They are absolutely beautiful!!!You took some very good photos!! So sweet!