Sunday, May 14, 2006

Extra Special Day

Today is Mother's is my birthday! Every several years they happen on the same I get to celebrate two things! We went to church this morning, where I got two potted flowers. After church we came home and got Subway for lunch (I told Chris I didn't care what we had, but I wasn't cooking!). Before lunch Jacob gave me a Mother's Day card he had made at school and Chris gave me a combined Mother's Day/Birthday gift.....a new iPod Nano! It's so tiny! I spent several hours today downloading songs, importing songs from CDs, and finally listening to my new iPod while I scrapbooked. It's such a fun toy. Jacob and Jenna are enjoying it too!


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Cheryl said...

awww MAN! i'm sorry i missed it! i wish i would have known! we'll have to have a belated birthday crop in your honor. ;)