Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Look what I did!!!

As most of you know, I am taking wedding photos for the first time in June. Deena (the bride-to-be) asked me if I could take some photos of her this week to use as a wedding gift for her fiance, Ryan. My first thought was to do outdoor photos. I love to take outdoor photos and was excited to take some of an adult for a change. Deena wanted more formal photos using a backdrop though (plus the weather was completely uncooperative). Luckily my friend Nicole was kind enough to let us use her studio set up with backdrops and lights. It was so much fun. The bad part is that now I really would love backdrops and studio lights to play with. Maybe I should start playing the lottery! I haven't given Deena the photos yet...we're meeting tomorrow at the church she's getting married out to test out lighting for photos. I'm hoping she likes them and am really nervous about what she'll think. Here's a few of my favorites.

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Cheryl said...

these look SO great amy!! :) if you want to check them out, i have 3 backdrops that you could use. there is a tan one, a purple one, and then like a pillar scene. i would love to lend them to you anytime! :)
i know you are going to rock the wedding photos! can't wait to see them! :)
p.s. let's try to get together next week, what do you say? :)