Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Just playin' around...

Those of you who know Chris know how much he LOVES having his picture taken - HA HA! Actually, he is getting better...thanks to my picture taking obsession...but he still doesn't like having his picture taken very often. I took this picture on Saturday when he was sitting outside. I thought it turned out pretty good.

On Sunday I purchased some "actions" on line to use in Photoshop. Basically actions take a lot of the guess work out of Photoshop and convert my photos using some really neat techniques. I decided to play around with Chris' photo using some of the actions. And so...I present....the many styles of Chris.

Here is one more of the actions with a photo of Jenna. It was a little too soft to try with Chris' photo. The fist picture is the original...the other is the after. It's called "colorwash" and basically washes out almost all of the color from the photo. I think it looks really neat, especially with this photo.

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