Saturday, May 06, 2006

Play ball!!

Today was Jacob's first baseball game. He has been really excited about baseball this year since he moved up to the "on-deck" league. This year kids pitch rather than using the pitching machine he had in the previous league. He was up bright and early this morning because he was so anxious. Below is a picture of what I saw when I walked into his room....his uniform all layed out and ready to put on!

Jacob was the lead-off batter. He walked his first time at bat and stole 2nd base (complete with a slide!) and then stole third . He ended up scoring the first run of the game! He struck out his next two times at bat (once against the league's best pitcher and once on a bad call by the umpire...the pitch was so high Jacob never could have hit it.). For now, his position is outfield. He'll move to infield as he gets stronger and can throw a little farther. His team ended up winning the game 2-1! Here's just a few photos from opening day.

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Jill said...

Jacob looks so little in that helmet! :) He was so excited to tell me about making the first run and stealing a base. Keep us updated with photos of his season.