Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rain, Rain Go Away!!!

Jacob was scheduled to play baseball at 5:30 Wednesday night. All day it looked like rain, but of course the first drops didn't fall until about 5:20...perfect timing for his game. We stood in the rain while they played one full inning and then they finally called the game. When we got home, Jenna decided to play in the rain since she was already wet from the game. And... of course I used the opportunity for a photo op. Here's some of my favorites. The last photo shows what happens to Jenna's naturally curly hair in the rain!

On a sad note, we started our morning off today with a life lesson. Jacob has gotten into the habit of waking up and checking on the bird nest on his windowsill first thing each morning. This morning he came running into our room crying because the nest was gone. Since it had rained and stormed all night and was pretty windy, I had a terrible feeling about the fate of the nest and the babies. Chris and I went out in the rain to check out the situation, but made Jacob stay inside. We found the nest lying on the rocks below Jacob's window. I made Chris lift it up ....scared to see what was under it. But, we didn't find any baby birds. The only thing we did find were a few stray feathers and a little blood on his window sill. I am really hoping that the nest got blown over in the storm and that mama robin and the three babies are safe somewhere. I have a terrible feeling that perhaps something else like a cat got to the birds instead. Jacob was really upset and cried for a while before finally calming down. Jenna kept telling him that the babies were just somewhere practicing how to fly. The one comforting thing for Jacob is that we discovered another nest last night. This one is on our patio - way up high. Below is a picture of close as I could get. Chris peeked in and saw 4 blue eggs, so we wouldn't let him move the nest. Unfortunately, it's too high to observe like the other one, but Jacob still felt better knowing he had another nest to watch.

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