Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Update on our baby robins...

This afternoon I checked the nest and noticed that there were only 3 birds in the nest. Jacob and I went outside to check and discovered that one of the birds had fallen out of the nest and died. Jacob and Jenna were both sad. I'm just hoping the other three are okay and we don't lose anymore. I honestly think that the bird probably got pushed out of the nest because they are so crowded. I read on the internet that they typically don't leave the nest for 13-14 days, which would be this weekend. Their nest is crowded and they are continually getting bigger and a little less ugly! We also have been seeing less of the mama robin. As soon as she comes around though, they perk up and open their beaks wide to be fed. Below are two pictures from tonite of the remaining three birds. The one in the middle seemed to be looking right at Jacob and I as we peeked in the nest.

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