Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Cards

I heard that today was supposed to be the buseiest day of the holiday season at the post office ...and guess who had a package to mail?? I actually went 5 minutes before it opened and stood in line so I wouldn't have to battle the lines later in the day. In honor of the busiest mailing day, my post today is about Christmas cards.

I've mentioned before that I love getting mail - regular US Post Office mail and emails - so receiving Christmas cards is lots of fun for me. I love going to the mailbox each day and looking to see who we got cards from. I love getting photos and letters in the cards, especially from long distance family and friends. We also send a lot of cards at Christmas. I spend lots of time every year picking the perfect card, taking the perfect photo to include with our card, narrowing down the list of who we are sending cards to, and composing our annual family letter. By now most of you have gotten our card with this year's official Christmas photo (which is one of my favorite photos to date of Jacob and Jenna). I thought I'd include a few out takes from our Chrsitmas card photo session. Oh - and just for the record - I did not prompt them to do any of this...they just started hugging and dancing on their I just kept shooting pictures.

PS Only 7 days until Christmas!


Andrea* said...

Amy~ Can you email me at

I'll get you the blogger header directions to you. This post here won't let me post the scripting, LOL!

What darling photos of the kids! LOVE them dancing together! :)

RAC1 said...

Looks like Jacob and Jenna are ready for the ballroom dance competition. I'm sure they would win.

Nancy said...

Love 'em! The smiles are so spontaneous.