Sunday, December 24, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Just a few photos of our Christmas trees (yes, plural). We actually have 5:

-our big one in the family room with ornaments Chris and I have collected throughout our lives
-a snowman tree with all my snowman ornaments
-a crismon (symbols of Christ) tree in our living room - Grandma B made all the Crismon ornaments and we decorated the tree in white/gold to match the ornaments
-Jacob's tree in his room decorated with all his ornaments
-Jenna's tree in her room

PS Can you see me in the picture of the big red ornament? If you look closely you can see me taking the photo. :)


Brenda said...

I already bought ornaments so that next year I can put a tree in the girls' bedroom...i bought hot pink lime green, turquoise, and purple ornaments. cool.
we only have one tree this year thanks to Payton, but next year we'll have four. We even have a "Texas" themed tree outside...but not this year!

Jill said...

I just got done taking photos of Luke by his tree and the big tree, so I'll have to post them in a bit! I see you! Did you do that on purpose??

Amy said...

Nope...I didn't do it on purpose. I couldn't see me in the ornament until I loaded them on my computer.