Tuesday, December 05, 2006

swings..and slides...and rock walls...OH MY!

I'm finally getting around to posting more of my photos from Thanksgiving week. YIKES - basketball season is officially underway and things are busy, busy, busy at our house!

I love these photos of the kids playing at the park. Grandpa and Great Grandma took Jacob, Jenna, Carsyn, and Luke to the park to play the day before Thanksgiving. Grandma stayed home to get things done while Payton napped and I took Brenda and Jill to Archiver's (fun scrapbook store) for the first time. We were so fortunate to have warm weather so the kids could get outside and play!!


Nancy said...

All the pix are great, and I love that blue sky!

Jill said...

Cuties!! :) The photos look good with the red playground equipment and blue skies!