Sunday, December 24, 2006

Letter to Santa

It's 9:30pm on Christmas Eve. I have been running around like crazy trying to get things done for tomorrow. Jacob just came in and handed me a letter he wrote to Santa. He did it all on his own - no prompting from anyone. I know it's hard to here is what it says:

12-24-06/Christmas Eve Happy Holidays!!!!!!

Dear Santa,
I recently found out what Christmas is all about. It isn't just about presents, but about family, kindness, and care. I found out that giving feels better than receiving. I hope you enjoy the cookies and milk. There are carrots for each of your reindeer. Please tell the reindeer, the elves, and Mrs. Clause hi for me.

Merry Christmas Santa!
I love you!!!!
I believe in you!!!!
Ho, Ho, Ho!!

Lots of Love,

WOW! What can I say?? I have a great kid!!



Jill said...

Wow. I'm just trying to picture one of my students in my class writing something like that, and am having a hard time imagining it. Good to know there are still kids out there who act like kids, but have a good heart.

Kara said...

That is awesome!!
Merry Christmas!

Brenda said...

So sweet! That's definitely a scrapbook page!

Nancy said...

We knew he's great, but that just gives more proof! Makes all that craziness worthwhile. I hope you could relax some today. At least you didn't have to drive far! Enjoy your vacation.

RAC 1 said...

You certainly do have great kids. But to have great kids you need great parents. Your kids have super great parents.