Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Tour 2006 - Part 1

Every year we make several stops on our Christmas tour to visit all our family. Sometimes we put in lots of miles on our tour, sometimes we get to stay closer to home. This year we didn't have to travel too far...but all our Christmas get togethers were crammed into 3 consecutive days. Maybe some year we'll get t-shirts made up like a rock concert tour. This year our shirts would say:
12.23.06 Huron, OH Davis Family Christmas
12.24.06 Pandora, OH Lehman Family Christmas
12.24.06 Van Wert, OH Christmas Eve church
12.25.06 Van Wert, OH Covey Family Christmas
12.25.06 Van Wert, OH Baxter/Covey Family Christmas

Below are photos from our first two tour stops . Check back for photos from the last three stops on our tour.
Photo 1: Jacob, Rylee (my cousin Kara's daughter) and Jenna
Photo 2: Jenna opening her Easy Bake Oven from Great Grandma Davis....she knew what it was right away and is saying "EEEEasy Bake Oven"
Photo 3: Davis family cousins (minus Brenda and Jill) - Kara, Lori, Lisa, Jessica, me, Kyle
Photo 4: "Chia Pet" Chris....doesn't it look like he has a green plant growing out of his head? I'm sure he'll love me for sharing this photo, but it makes me laugh (and I'm usually extra careful not to have distracting objects in the background...OOOPS!)
Photo 5: (the only photo from stop #2 on our tour...I was too busy eating and visiting to take photos!!!!) Grandma Lehman opening her gifts


Jill said...

Time for another Luke comment, and I quote " Chris is crazy on his head! We don't get that on our head!" I promise there is no prompting for Luke's comments. Actually, when I pulled that shot up, he kind of pulled his head back and made a funny face... maybe in surprise? :)

Brenda said...

That looks like you actually planned the plant coming out of the head. It's a perfect shot! How are the easy bake oven cakes? I always wondered!

~Lori said...

Chia-Chris is my favorite! And Jill, I love Luke's comments!! How funny.