Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jill and Luke

Here are more photos from Thanksgiving week. Brenda, Jill, Carsyn, Payton, Luke and I (along with Dad) headed to a neat little park in Stow on Thanksgiving morning to take some photos. I absolutely loved the location and can't wait to go back and take photos there again.

Luke is one of my toughest subjects. He doesn't really like getting his picture taken. He's not uncooperative...but he makes you work for the picture! We had seen deer tracks in the mud and I ended up getting him to look at the camera by telling him to look behind me for deer....and it worked. He may not have the biggest smile, but his dark brown expressive eyes make up for it.


Andrea* said...

Hi Amy! You can find Good Tidings here~

CUTE snapshots!

Jill said...

Still very cute! Were you planning to send a cD of those? I was debating using the first for Christmas photo cards, but wasn't sure if I'd have it in time. I can always find another photo.

Nancy said...

You should have offered him some carrots! Those are great. Treasure that snuggling one.