Tuesday, December 18, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things....

Home #5! This is crazy!! I really expected a 2 hour delay, but not a cancellation. This morning I got up and went to the doctor (more about that in another post), and then decided I had to get out of Jenna and I headed to Lima. I am done Christmas shopping, but the mall just seemed like a logical destination. When I came home I sat down and finally watched the episode of Oprah where she has her favorite things. I had taped it but never watched it. And then I was inspired (or just incredibly bored!) and decided that if Oprah could have favorite things then why couldn't Amy?? So here you go....Amy's favorite things from 2007 (or at least the past few months...I can't remember the WHOLE year!). And before you, you are not all getting everything on my list. :) I'd love to see what's on your list of favorites for the year ! I always can use suggestions for new things to shop for!!


1. McDonald's sweet tea - I just recently discovered that McD's now serves sweet tea...and it is yummy! Seriously, it's a very close second to McAllister's in Texas - and a whole lot more convenient. In fact, I'm drinking some right now!

2. Hairspray - LOVED this on Broadway...and LOVED the movie. Jenna and I had a hard time not singing along when we watched it. It's on my Christmas list!

3. Colbie Callait - I discovered her when you could download one of her songs as the free single of the week on iTunes and then got hooked! I love her songs...and just downloaded her Christmas song called "Mistletoe".

4. My new van - love, love, love it...especially the fun radio!

5. Blistex Lip Infusion - My neighbor just introduced me to this. I am a sucker for any lipgloss type products, so I had to try it. It's perfect for winter...and not as waxy and thick as chapstick.

6. My new $10 hot pink WalMart winter coat - I hate big, bulky coats, but really needed a new warm coat for winter. I just happened to find this coat and WalMart and it was perfect - not too heavy, not too light. Plus it came in pink!...and you can't beat the price (even if it only lasts for one winter)!!

7. Crop-a-dile - Brenda bought this fun scrapbook tool for me this summer! It's awesome for punching holes, setting eyelets, etc. I'm not sure how I ever scrapbooked without it.

8. Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint products - Jill got me shower scrub last year for Christmas and Chris got me some lotion. I love the scent...and it's definitely on my list again for this year.9. "Ugg" boots - I held off on these for a long, long time and finally decided to get a pair. Of course, I didn't get the real deal...I went for the inexpensive Target version...but I LOVE them! Who knew they'd be so comfy??

10. Wallflowers home fragrance in Creamy Caramel from Bath and Body - LOVE the smell of this! I have one at home and one in my classroom. Everyone who walks into my room comments on it.

11. Bare Escentuals "Meet the Browns" Eye shadow kit - I have wanted this for a long time and finally broke down and just ordered it for myself. I love it - perfect for my brown eyes!!
12. Microfiber Socks - In the summer I am a barefoot person - I just hate wearing socks when it's warm out. But in the winter, I'm all about socks...especially these warm fuzzy ones! I have several pairs...and am always wanting more!

13. My fun new camera strap. I bought it on line here from someone who makes them. Mine is similar to this pattern, but it is red/white.

14. Moe's Southwest Grill -WELCOME TO MOE'S!!! We got hooked on Moe's when Becca was at Lutheran Hospital. Moe's was very close to the hospital and we ate there several times...and eventually got Chris' parents hooked on it too. Even Becca got to eat take-out from Moe's when she was able to eat real food again!


Jill said...

Off the top of my head, here are some of my favorite things:
1. Bumbo seat for Mia
2. Buxom lip gloss with plumper (Sephora)
3. Target $1 popcorn deal
4. Flannel pants
5. Eggnog latte (Starbucks)
6. 40 inch LCD tv
7. Reduced Fat Cheezits
8. Scrapbooking flowers
9. Rocky Mountain chocolate tower (great gift -got one in the mail last week!!)
10. Digital photo frames - don't have one yet, but hopefully one will be under my tree soon!
11. Wedge espadrille peep toe navy sandals

Amy said...

I want a Chocolate Tower!! Who did you get that from??? I just searched for it on line and it looks awesome!!

~Lori said...

i'm jealous that you got that pink coat. i tried to buy it online and it was sold out except for yellow or gree....i only wanted pink or black.
great list. i'll have to think of mine!

Jill said...

Jenn sent it to me... said she knew I'd love it, and she was right! And amazingly enough, it's not all gone yet, and I've had it since Friday! Great idea to send to someone though... keep it in mind!

Brooke said...

I love your picks, but I have to disagree on the sweet tea. I think Chicken Express (in TX) and I make sweeter tea than McD's. I'm a fan of the sweet tea that causes cavities if you don't brush immediately after drinking! :)

Amy said...

Well...send some over Brooke!!! :)

Brenda said...

WOw, I just can't think! I know I love most of the stuff on your list though!
I do love the McDonald's iced coffee.
What did Oprah have? I can't believe I missed it...Scott usually catches it and gets me something from the list. I wonder if it's online.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the McD sweet tea. Tried it a few weeks ago and for us northerners it is a great treat--and good buy at$1. Also would put the McD iced coffee on my list. MOM