Thursday, August 03, 2006

Brenda and Payton

One year ago today we were visiting my parents and got one of the scariest phone calls I've ever received. Jill called to tell us that Brenda was in the ER and they thought she was having a heart attack. That in itself is scary considering how young she was...but the worst part is that she was 7 months pregnant! It was a terrible feeling knowing she was in Texas and we were in Ohio...we felt completely helpless. My parents and I ended up flying down to Texas to be with her for a few days (my mom ended up staying more than 2 months to help out!). She had a virus that had attacked her heart (which has a really long name that I can't even begin to spell!) . Thank goodness everything ended up all right and she and Payton are 100% healthy! We love you both and are so glad you're okay.

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cheryl said...

i just get the chills every time you talk about this. WOW. so glad they are ok now.
LOVE the picture!