Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Still no photos.....

....but I have videos to share!! Friends sent me links to these videos and they both crack me up. The first one is a very low budget music video - they definitely did their own choreography and filming. Be sure and watch it until the end....their final "pose" is my favorite part!! (totally reminds me of something Brenda, Jill and I would have done in our backyard back in the day!)

The second one is pretty fascinating. It's basically a guy dancing the same silly little dance in different spots all over the world. Watch the video...and then read the background about it. I want his job (although the place where he's dancing on a boulder that seems to be suspended in mid-air scares me to death!!).

And I saved the best for last! I'm sure most of you have seen this, but if not it's DEFINITELY worth watching. It's called the Evolution of Dance. Sadly, I can remember doing almost every dance in that video. Jacob and Jenna love to dance along with it!!

Enjoy...and I'll try to get some photos soon!!

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