Friday, August 11, 2006

Hocking Hills - part 3

This should be the last set of Hocking Hills long as they all fit into one entry. These are just some random shots of the scenery of Hocking Hills. I hope I got all the names matched correctly to the photos!

1. Upper Falls (actually a small trickle) - This was at the beginning of our hike to Old Man's cave. We actually walked across the bridge at the top of the photo and then ended up down below.

2. Devil's Bathtub - it would have been much more dramatic if there had been more water.

3. The Sphinx head near Old Man's Cave - can you see the profile of the face in the rock formation on the right??

4. Cedar Falls (actually just another trickle of water - we really need to go back after it has rained!)

5. The entrance to Ash Cave (we're inside looking out)- It was hard to get a good photo of the cave because there was a wedding being held in the cave while we were visiting. (The wedding was actually just to the right of this photo) The cave is enormous and was our favorite part Hocking Hills.

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