Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hocking Hills - Part 2

A few more of my favorites....

1. A small cave we found near the Upper Falls
L to R: Jenna, Karlyn, Landrie, Kerry, Jacob, Lauren, and Craig

2. Can you see us?? This was even taken with a telephoto lens...we were WAY up there in Old Man's Cave!
L to R: Lauren, Craig w/Jenna, Karlyn, Marilyn, Landrie, me, Bob, Jacob and Amy K.

3. The "kids" in Ash Cave
L to R:
Jenna, Jacob, Landrie, Karlyn, Lauren, Craig, and Bret

4. The "kids" at Ohio University
Front L to R: Bret, Andrea (Craig's girlfriend), Craig, Lauren
Back L to R: Landrie, Karlyn, Jenna, Jacob

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