Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Grandma L.!!!

Today is my Grandma Lehman's (my mom's mom) 85th birthday! We celebrated it yesterday with the family. My Grandma is such a special person and I have some of the best memories of her and being at her house. She's truly fits the perfect description of a Grandma (and more). I think everyone needs a Grandma Lehman in their life! When asked how she wanted to celebrate her 85th birthday, she told the family that she wanted as many of us as possible to come to church with her. What a testimony to the kind of person she is!! There were 34 family members at church with her, including all 5 of her children, 9 out of her 13 grandchildren (the ones who weren't there live out of state), 9 out of her 15 great grandchildren (at least I hope I'm counting correctly!!) and her brother and his wife. Afterwards we went to my aunt and uncle's house for dinner. I'm sure she loved just being around her family and watching all of us interact (and boy, can we interact!!).


Top to bottom: blowing out candles (with Jenna and Abbie helping), with her 5 children (my mom is in the back center), with the grandkids (minus 4 who live out of state), and with the great grandkids (minus 6 who live out of state)


Brenda said...

I am sad I missed that. Stinks to be "one of the four." Thanks for posting pictures- where are the portraits taken???

Nancy G. said...

Very nice pix. There's some really strong fam. resemblences.

Jill said...

I am with Brenda... sad to not only be "one of the four", but for Luke to be "one of the six." But thanks for sharing the photos. They look great. Is that Tony's yard??