Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Classroom Sweet Classroom

I thought I would share some pictures of my classroom...since I have no other photos to share and nothing too exciting to write about. First of all - it's not really a "classroom" it's more like an "area". My "area" is actually 1/3 of a regular classroom that I share with the 4th/5th grade resource room teacher. She gets 2/3 of the room because she has more kids and bigger kids. Rotten deal for me! The spaces are seperated by 8 foot tall bookcases and storage units. They don't go all the way to the ceiling, so there's lots of noise to battle. My part of the room also has all the lockers in it. While they are great for storage, it's not so nice for furniture placement. I really feel like I've done the best with what little space I have and I've tried to make it look fun. This is the beginning of my 15th year of teaching and I have NEVER had a normal size classroom. In fact, this may be one of the bigger spaces I've had. My dream is to someday have a normal size classroom so we can spread out...but for now this space is the best I'm going to get.

The past few years I've had the theme of "Camp Covey", but decided to change it this year to a western theme. I love my little stick kid cowboys and have been able to do some fun decorating things. ya go....some photos of the "Covey Corral":

Photo 1- My desk area - I hate having my desk face the wall, which means my back is to the room, but it's the only place to put it. I'm usually only at my desk when students are not in my room though.

photo 2 - This table is where I spend most of my day. It's where I work with my students. The shelves behind me are the divider shelves. You can see a peek of the other portion of the classroom to the right of the shelves.

photo 3 - The view from the doorway of my room. See all the lockers? There is another identical set to the left of the doorway (to the left of the easel). The little table in the back is where my paraprofessional works with kids.


Jill said...

Looks good! Not at all what I had pictured in my mind. Yeah, I have a normal size classroom but it'll never be big enough!

Brenda said...

don't mean to rub it in but i have a really big classroom and only 13 kids in my biggest class. And on my off periods another resource teacher shares my room so we get to keep it small. I decorated with retro flowered fabric this year- fun! I'll take pictures soon!

Anonymous said...

Cute "room"! Hang in there pardner.... if you work in the schools long enough, you may advance to an RV parked in the grassy area beside the blacktop, behind the main building, and in front of the 3 modular units. We refer to my "room" as The Speechmobile.
Aunt Barb