Thursday, August 03, 2006

Family Beach Day

My Aunt Nancy and Uncle Sudsy live right on the beach of Lake Erie in Huron. They invited whoever could come to spend the day at the beach on Sunday. We spent the day with them, my cousins Jessica, Kyle, Lori, and Lisa, my Aunt Barb, my parents, and my Grandma D. The kids had a ball playing in the sand and water and riding the jetski. It was so much fun just to relax, soak up the sun, and visit (and of course eat!). Jacob and Jenna didn't want to leave and are already asking when they can go back. Sudsy and Nancy - Thanks for letting us spend the day at your beach!! We had a great time!!

Photos below:
1. Jacob and Grandpa D. (my dad) on the jetski)
2. Jenna and Dad on the jetski
3. Jacob playing lake wiffle ball with my cousin Kyle
4. My Grandma D. - She will be 90 in October, but you'd never guess it! How many almost-90 year olds do you know that spend the day at the beach?? I hope I can do the same when I'm her age!
5. Jenna in the sand - what a mess...but she had tons of fun!

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Nancy G. said...

We had fun! I like all the pix, esp.the one of Mom. I copied it to show her (a little grainy, but she'll get the idea.) Hope you had fun in the hills.