Sunday, August 20, 2006

How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Amy Covey

As I sit here dreading the teacher's meetings tomorrow (and the early alarm clock), I thought I'd recap my summer:

THIS SUMMER I (in no particular order).....

-celebrated Jacob's 9th birthday
-went to the Peony parade in VW
-went to NYC with Mom, Brenda, and Jill
-celebrated Chris' birthday
-photgraphed my first wedding (and survived!)
-swam...a lot
-read lots of good books
-celebrated Jenna's 5th birthday
-went to Texas to see my sisters
-saw my first rodeo
-walked on the Riverwalk in San Antonio
-watched fireworks
-visited the Alamo
-took LOTS of photos
-went to campfires at my neighbors
-ate LOTS of s'mores
-went to Rocky Top for ice cream (but just realized I never made it to the Creamery this summer!)
-ate shaved ice
-even better....discovered butterscotch love nests in Texas - YUMMY!
-celebrated our 12th anniversary
-got new granite countertops
-scrapbooked/stamped with my cousins
-watched lots of baseball games
-spent 2 nights in the hospital with Jenna
-went shopping
-visited my parents
-spent the day on the beach at Lake Erie
-celebrated my Grandma's 85th birthday
-went to a concert in the park
-taught bible school
-went to Hocking Hills with our neighbors
-scrapbooked with Cheryl
-went to Wynona Lake
-got bit by fire ants on my ankle
-got a new haircut
-bought purses in Chinatown
-learned more about Photoshop
-learned how to make easy, yummy fajitas on the grill
-rode a jetski
-went to the dentist
-went to the movies
-slept in
-wore flip flops almost every day

Summer lovin', had me a blast! Summer lovin', happened so fast!!!
(To quote one of my all time favorite movies -Grease)


Jessica said...

I'd definitely give your essay an A+! And while you're struggling through the next days of teacher meetings, just smile thinking about all the great blog stories you'll have to tell (we all know that large groups of teachers congregating together can be an interesting experience)! Can't wait to hear them =)

Nancy G. said...

As Sudsy (who is retired, of course) always tells me, "Work is what you do so you can get to your next vacation." I only hope the work goes as fast as the vacations do.