Thursday, August 10, 2006

A little exposure can't hurt, can it???

This picture is just for my Ohio University relatives (you know who you are!!). Yes, I allowed my children to not only tour the campus BUT to also sit in this official OU Bobcat mobile. Personally I still prefer orange and brown to green and white...and a falcon to a bobcat...and flat farmland to hills, but I guess it can't hurt to expose them to a variety of colleges long as they choose the RIGHT one in the end! I think the expression on Jenna's face pretty much sums it all up.


~Lori said...

How about forgetting green AND orange for a little while and think PINK. That's the official color of Miss Katie's College of Beauty! WooHoo!!!!! GO PINK!!!

Nancy G. said...

I am pea green with envy! BG is ak by me, but i draw the line at Miami Redskins, oops Imean Redhawks.

Nancy G. said...

I noticed a couple different expressions on the kids(my take on expressions)Jenna: if I could be somewhere dull(BG)I would have smiled. Jacob(smile)I was having a great time at the college I will be attending when I get older.Aunt Nancy and Sudsy will gladly show him around!!!
(Please excuse my typos from earlier. Nancy)