Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hocking Hills - part 1

Round 1 of the Hocking Hills photos... I think I mentioned that we went with our next door neighbors (the Koontz's and their 3 daughters) and our across the street neighbors (the Leon's and their 2 sons). Craig (the Leon's oldest son) is going to be a senior at Ohio University and has been to Hocking Hills many times, so he served as our hiking tour guide. On Saturday we hit the main sites - Old Man's Cave, Cedar Falls, and Ash Cave on three seperate hikes . For those of you who don't know, Van Wert is flat, flat, flat farm land - no hills...and Hocking Hills is hilly, hilly, hilly! Everyone, including Jenna, did an awesome job hiking though (although she did manage to get an occasional ride on one of the older boys' shoulders!). Later we went to Athens and Craig gave us a tour of Ohio University. Now... Chris and I are BGSU alumni and Ohio University happens to be one of our rivals....but I will admit that it was a beautiful campus (although WAY too hilly for me...I preferred the flat farm land of BG!). We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings (one of our favorite restaurants), toured the campus, and then went to Cold Stone Creamery - YUMMY - before heading back to the cabin and the hot tub!

photos below:
1. Jacob and Jenna near Old Man's cave with their hiking sticks
2. Our family in Ash Cave
3. Jenna getting a "ride" from Craig (she absolutely adores him...and luckily he is very tolerant of her. Not many college students would be as attentive to a 5 year old as he is!)

Part 2 of the Hocking Hills photos coming tomorrow! Be sure to check back. Oh - and please leave me a comment. I know there are people looking at my blog because they tell me they leave a comment!! :)


Jessica said...

There are just so many Ohio University comments I could make right now, I'm overcome and can't single it down to just one! Oh well, I'm glad you got to see the campus and Hocking Hills. It truly is beautiful down there!

Nancy G. said...

Hi! I'm back from Niles. Passed the torch to your parents for 2 days. Sudsy & I will have to go to the Hills sometime. We appreciate you humbling yourself to admit how pretty O.U. is. I had shin splints at the start of every quarter!